Sunday, July 10, 2005


Maybe they should rename it the Plain Squealer

(To amplify on an earlier post by P-W) What do you call a newspaper that doesn't report news because its editorial staff is hiding under the bed? I suppose you could call it an advertising broadsheet or comics with a horoscope and sports news. Or you could call it the Cleveland Plain Dealer. From the Associated Press: The Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest newspaper, is holding two investigative stories based on leaked documents because they could result in the type of court showdown that led to a New York Times reporter being jailed, the paper's editor said Friday...Clifton said the Plain Dealer had decided several weeks ago - before Miller was imprisoned - to withhold the stories because the leaked documents could result in subpoenas and court sanctions, including jail. The stories deal with local and state government. Comments should be directed to Douglas C. Clifton, Editor Phone: 216.999.4123 Tom O'Hara, Managing Editor 216.999.4737 Daryl Kannberg, National Editor 216.999.4865
It's an excuse. The Toledo Blade cleaned thier clock so the Editors made up this lame excuse that they're also on some real big stories but can say what - that's how big it is - man.
Thanks for the comment, Aztrias. I try to keep up with the corruption stories pouring out of Ohio and it's difficult.

I actually wonder whether the Plain-Dealer isn't part of the Republican machine.
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