Monday, July 11, 2005


Meth and Cold Pills

It occurred to me just now, after reading this post by Atrios about the rural meth pandemic, that there's been a tendency in the last two to three years for convenience stores such as the Holiday store in my neighborhood to put these really cheaply priced (that is, not Sudafed or other well-known national brand) "cold pills" right up front next to the cash register. These cold pills are the exact kind used by "cooks" to make batches of meth. (Of course, there are also stickers on the displays stating that only so many boxes can be bought at one time, but if you have friends or are willing to make multiple trips, you can easily get around this restriction.) Is it just me, or is this a nationwide trend? Are the nation's gas-and-groceries stations deliberately planning to make money off of the worst drug scourge this nation has ever seen?

My local pharmacy has always stocked those decongestant pills on the shelves in the "cold and allergy" section but has recently moved them to the register counter. I think the purpose isn't to push the items by making them a "checkout impulse purchase", but to put them where there's always a clerk nearby, to prevent shoplifting.

If, however, stores that haven't previously carried these items are suddenly carrying them, one has to wonder why.
I can understand pharmacies carrying them. But I'm talking about gas stations. It's strange.
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