Saturday, July 23, 2005


The Ministry Of Truth Tour!

The Kenosha Kid follows the intrepid journey of a bunch of right-wing hate-radio blowhards as they decide to uncover the hidden truth about all the really good and cool and neato things happening in Iraq. Their first experience of Iraq comes from a fair and balanced CENTCOM briefing Stateside. They get another taste as they brave the savage wilds that exist poolside at an exclusive Kuwaiti resort that exactly replicates (not) the experience of US troops stationed in Iraq. Finally, they come to Iraq itself -- where they get to hear bullshit from a guy who seems to be reading from the Book of Chalabi. They wind up spending two whole days in Iraq! Wow! And they explored all of it! Well, most of it. Well, only the airport and Baghdad's Green Zone. But they learned a lot! Really!

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