Friday, July 15, 2005


The New York Times Unspins the Spin

Add the New York Times to the list of newspapers calling attention to the Republican game plan instead of playing along with it:

As Democrats have been demanding that Mr. Rove resign or provide a public explanation, the political machine that Mr. Rove built to bolster Mr. Bush and advance his agenda has cranked up to defend its creator. The Republican National Committee has mounted an aggressive campaign to cast Mr. Rove as blameless and to paint the matter as a partisan dispute driven not by legality, ethics or national security concerns, but by a penchant among Democrats to resort to harsh personal attacks.
Let's hope the message gets through to the reading public: "Don't believe what the Republicans are saying, it's just their penchant to resort to harsh personal attacks."
Unless that article is labeled analysis or editorial, I would be uncomfortable with that sort of unspinning. It's the mirror image of what we hate when it happens to our side, with the sole exception that in this case it's probably true. But *who* are the people involved? Are there exceptions or is it everyone in the GOP? What hold does Rove have?

Whenever I read The Times, I have the sense that there's a script which says, to paraphrase, "There is a good person who you should support and a bad person who you should despise." Rove is on their bad side today.
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