Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Politically motivated violence by extremist groups

As noted below, the Busheviks have expanded their definition of terrorism to include politically motivated violence carried out by extremist groups within a country. Which reminds me of this:
A suspicious fire damaged an abortion clinic where protesters have staged weekly demonstrations for more than a decade, and federal agents launched an investigation, authorities said Tuesday.... It appeared that lighter fluid or some other accelerant was used to start the blaze.... Two months ago, authorities investigated an attempted arson at the same facility.... Florida has had long history of violence against abortion clinics and doctors who perform the procedure. A July 2004 fire damaged another Palm Beach County abortion clinic and a 2003 blaze damaged one in neighboring Broward County.
Will the FBI admit that this incident, being violent and politically motivated and presumably carried out by extremists, is terrorism?
MEC asks, "Will the FBI admit that this incident, being violent and politically motivated and presumably carried out by extremists, is terrorism?"

That's easy. The FBI almost never defines a right-wing group as terrorist. They apparently haven't even investigated the likelihood that there were contacts between al Qaida and right-wing extremists, many of whom were as thrilled by the murders of 9/11 as bin Laden was and could be prime recruitment material to be sleeper agents. Unable to find either Eric Rudolph or William Krar, they did manage to detect the presence of houses of ill-repute in New Orleans, as John Ashcroft proudly reported.

The likelihood of the FBI declaring clinic violence to be terrorism is about the same as the likelihood of a cluster of pixies coming to dance a reel on your kitchen table.
A-yep. Go Google "krar noonday texas" and be amazed at how a white-supremacist bombmaker with hundreds of bombs in his possession -- and who was distributing his bombs to like-minded folk in the right-wing militia movement -- gets far less mainstream media coverage than, say, a runaway bride.

Back in 1995, the usual right-wing trashmouths were all for stringing up whoever bombed the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City -- until they found out that the culprits weren't named "Omar" and didn't have brown skin.
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