Tuesday, July 12, 2005


A Reminder RE: TreasonGate

I just want to remind everyone discussing the TreasonGate case: This is a GRAND JURY we're talking about. What's more, it's a grand jury that's run by a guy who is much more interested in doing his job than he is in grandstanding to the media. It literally doesn't matter what the media does or doesn't do here. They can talk about Rove. They can avoid talking about Rove. It doesn't matter. What happens in Fitzgerald's offices -- THAT matters. This is not "Can we use the media to hound Clinton out of office over a nonexistent crime, since we have no actual legal legs to stand on even after spending tens of millions of dollars?". It's "Somebody in the White House outed a major CIA operative, and Patrick Fitzgerald is perfectly willing to do things like tossing the White House's pet PNAC stenographer in jail in order to nail that White House traitor." Think of a similar situation involving a grand jury in Texas. Ronnie Earle and Patrick Fitzgerald are patient, methodical men who don't leak to reporters and concentrate on doing their jobs. Just as it's a Good Thing that Tom DeLay thinks he can ride out the coming Hurricane Ronnie, it's a Good Thing that Rove isn't going to resign just yet. Not too long ago, The scuttlebutt was that Fitzgerald must "obviously" be wrapping up his investigation and closing up shop. The scuttlebutt was wrong. And that's good. See, we WANT Rove to keep his ass parked in that nice leather chair, right up until he gets The Phone Call from his lawyer letting him know what's up. And, if everything goes the way I want it to go, that phone call will arrive no earlier than June of 2006. (Delay's will be in August of 2006.) Just as the midterms heat up.

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