Saturday, July 16, 2005


Spreading freemocracy and demom (post corrected)

Thanks to Juan Cole for alerting us to the fact that Riverbend has reported that Khalid, the brother of Iraqi blogger Raed, has been abducted by state security forces for criticizing the Iraqi regime. Juan Cole gives contact information to protest this disappearance. And according to a comment on the Raed site, Kos has picked up the story. An amazing comment posted on the Raed comments section: Jeffrey said... Raed, I guess the best you can hope for is that the jail Khalid is in is in an area experiencing spotty electricity. Heh heh. And you and Riverbend used to complain about outages so much a year ago! Oh crap. I just checked the stats for electricity. It looks good for air conditioners, but not for your brother. * 14 July, 2005 18:40 Any questions about why there might be a few Iraqi doubts on American intentions?
My God in Heaven. Poor Riverbend!

The one good thing about the troll is just what you point out: His comments give the lie to the wingnuts' claim that their primary concern is the welfare of Iraqis.
What a cruel thing to say. Unbelievable.

My bad.

The text editor must have hiccuped.

Riverbend is fine. She *reported* that Khalid, brother of Raed, was picked up.

On my way to patch the post.
The link to Juan Cole's post doesn't work. I think he took down his post.
You're correct, PW. Very odd.

And of course, the contact information is gone with it.
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