Sunday, July 31, 2005


This Is Hilarious

The folks over in the unreality-based community are trying to use circular reasoning and, in the case of Hugh Hewitt, deceptive newspaper cites to pimp a non-story trashing AAR for things alleged to have been done by former AAR executive Evan Cohen. Cohen, by the way, is a Republican operative who hasn't been with AAR or its parent company for over a year -- and who was kicked out after AAR found out that he was a lying scumbag. (Cohen lied about so much, and did such a horrible job at AAR, that many folk suspect he was only involved in the company so he could sabotage it.) Anyway, Maha of the Mahablog has a DKos diary that disembowels the wingnuts' allegations quite nicely.

I've noticed that we're seeing a lot more of the uncredited "published reports say" sliming technique.

Hey, you know, shrimplate is "a published report." If I blog some unfounded nonsense like "Hugh Hewitt in photographs showing him fellating poodles," that becomes a published report that can be sent resounding throughout the media echo-chambers, with no further confirmation required.

That is what it has come down to. We have a fascist media now. And not being fascists ourselves, we cannot use it.
Your sabotage comment is very intriguing. Wasn't there a Roger Stone fellow that used Al Sharpton to try to sabotage the Democratic presidential campaign last year?
Exactamundo, WHT.
We'll wait it out; scum usually rises to the surface.
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