Saturday, July 16, 2005


TreasonGate: Pattern And Practice Watch

MEC made an excellent post yesterday about the desperation of Rove's defenders and how they're trying to spin this case in the press, even as they realize it's looking grimmer and grimmer in the arena where it actually counts, the courts. MEC finishes her post with this salient point:

There's sure to be something significant about Rove telling Stephen Hadley (who is now National Security Advisor) about this conversation. I won't bet real money that any member of the press corpse pursues this angle.
And in the comments for that post, Charles hits the nail on the head:
Something significant like the utter absurdity of the president's political guy contacting his national security guy rather than reporting a serious breach of security to the CIA?
Think about that for a moment, ladies and gentlemen. Karl Rove finds out about a major breach of CIA security, and he doesn't report it to the CIA, over which Rove has little direct control, but instead to someone whose job Rove can take away with the crook of his little finger. Can you think of any legitimate reasons for him to avoid reporting this to the CIA? I sure can't. I can, however, think of one very nasty reason: That Rove might want to punish Wilson by outing Wilson's wife, and Rove knew full well that the CIA, if they knew his intentions, would fight him tooth and nail. Hey, Pat Fitzgerald! If you want more evidence of Rove's malice aforethought, it's right here. The pattern and practice of Rove's slimy actions speaks for itself.

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