Saturday, July 23, 2005


TreasonGate: Powell's Revenge

Thanks to Kos diarist Seesdifferent for this NYT piece (which is also cited in the Frank Rich column mentioned in my last post):

The New York Times is reporting that several officials of the Bush administration spoke with the FBI without consulting attorneys. Powell was among these. (I suspect that Powell was the source of this piece; he seems to be leaking like a racehorse). This would certainly increase the possibility of Section Ten Oh Ones ("False Statements") for those folks. The article has a pretty good time line of the
political trench warfare, Washington-style, an early exchange in what would become an enduring conflict over the administration's use of prewar intelligence. But in the enthusiasm of the campaign to discredit Mr. Wilson, someone would expose the real job of the diplomat's wife, Valerie, a C.I.A. officer who had worked under cover for two decades, hiding her position from even close friends and relatives.
There follows a pretty good timeline of events in the second week of July, 2003, with a good roster of who was where and what is known about who talked with whom. Straightens out some Republican talking points. All in all quite a good piece, compliments Fitz.
Colin Powell, like George Tenet, seems to have engineered some payback for being hung out to dry by BushCo. Powell may no longer be in the Bush Cabinet, but at least some of his former employers may soon be in Leavenworth.

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