Friday, July 29, 2005


UN investigates civilian massacre

You read it here weeks before media started to pick it up: Andrew Buncombe of the Independent reports on the UN-directed massacre at Cite Soleil I'm very proud of identifying early on stories that turn out to be important. I'm no prophet, but I do read a lot and can generally judge who is telling the truth. Ceasing to take the American media seriously (while understanding the different standards of journalism in, say, the UK) is a big step toward sanity. Anyway, on to the action: Evidence is mounting that United Nations peacekeepers shot and killed unarmed civilians, including children, during a recent raid in Haiti. The UN said it was ready to investigate the alleged "use of unnecessary force" . Independent witnesses say up to 23 people were killed during the raid and that many were shot in the head. Indeed, you saw photos of some of those shot that way, including young children. ....[H]uman rights groups have detailed repression of his supporters by the US-backed interim government and the HNP. A report by the human rights programme at Harvard Law School said there were also "credible allegations of human rights abuses perpetrated by Minustah"....Christophe Fournier, Médecins Sans Frontières, which has a clinic close to Cité Soleil, said: "On that day we treated 27 people for gunshot wounds. Of them, around 20 were women under the age of 18." Maybe someday even The Washington Post and The Magisterial Times will see fit to notice the straight line between Bush policy and little kids with their brains splattered on the street.
I can't thank you enough for bringing this to our attention, Charles. I'm hoping that perhaps our corner of the blogosphere may have helped get the UN and The Guardian to investigate this.
Arrgh. I meant to say "The Independent" but typed "The Guardian".
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