Thursday, July 28, 2005


Un%$%ing the Donkey

Rick Perlstein promises us something almost as incredible as the Virgin Birth: Un#$%!ing the Donkey Please refer to your handout. The first column records some typical things "Freepers" say. The second records what the same Freeper said after the Senate voted cloture on the president's bankruptcy bill. Column A: "We are going to see a day, in our lifetimes, when schools force children to engage in homosexual acts as 'projects' or 'homework' for sex-ed." Same guy, column B: "The newly amended bankruptcy law is a criminal act perpetrated, bought and paid for by commercial pirates masquerading as legitimate businesses." I won't belabor the point that I believe that the Democrats pay a huge long-term price for those Democrats who let that bankruptcy bill go through. The Republicans understand us better than we understand ourselves. When we are not credible defenders of the economic interests of ordinary Americans, we amount to little. When we are, we're a nuclear bomb to the heart of their coalition.

One of the few things that the left and right halves of the blogosphere have agreed upon lately is that the Bankruptcy Bill sucked and sucked mightily. This is why Joe Biden, the man behind it, cannot be allowed anywhere near the 2008 Presidential ticket. Period.
Labor is starting to think about unseating the people who voted for CAFTA. I'm not sure that's a good idea for Moran and Bean (and maybe a couple of others), but many of these guys are in safe districts and depend on labor votes. Gregory Meeks is someone that needs to be replaced.

The arrogance and corruption problems are bipartisan. We may not be able to unseat guys like Duke Cunningham and Tom DeLay, but we can clean our own house.
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