Wednesday, July 13, 2005


WP's Dan Froomkin: GOP Not Eager To Rally 'Round The Rove

Dan Froomkin notes that the GOP's biggest guns are staying away from the radioactive leprous tar beast that is Karl Rove. (Some petty little thing about not wanting to be publicly associated with a guy who only a total moron doesn't think had something to do with outing an undercover CIA operative. I mean, geez, just because the 2006 elections are looming.) Most of the heavy lifting is being done by conservatives in the media. (And some of those folks are in the soup themselves, it would seem: Fitzgerald and his crew apparently aren't buying Novak's testimony.) How hard has it been for Bush to find heavy hitters to defend Rove? The legislative go-to guys in Operation Protect The Turd Blossom are none other than Peter King, John Cornyn, and Minnesota's own Senator Blow-Dry, Norm Coleman.

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