Tuesday, August 09, 2005


AEI involved in espionage?

The American Enterprise Institute is home to some of the most shamelessly aggressive vendors of intellectual virtue on the planet. They include people like Michael Ledeen, Newt Gingrich, John Lott, Lynne Cheney, Charles Murray, Richard Perle, and Ben Wattenburg. I will not insult honest sex workers by making that comparison. These are people who have transcended simple hypocrisy, opportunism, and casual lies to enter into full communion with the dark side. And so it was with deep and delicious Schadenfreude that I read that the American Enterprise Institute may-- I repeat, may-- be wrapped up in the biggest espionage case since Aldrich Ames. Robert Dreyfuss writes, "[W]as AEI itself involved? The indictment [of Franklin] says that "on or about March 13, 2003, [AIPAC staffer Steven] Rosen disclosed to a senior fellow at a Washington, D.C., think tank the information relating to the classified draft internal policy document" about Iran. The indictment says that the think tank official agreed "to follow up and see what he could do." Which think tank, and who was involved?" And what, exactly, did this senior fellow agree to do to further the cause of treason? What role did others at the think tank play in betraying their native land? Surely nothing worse than they do on a regular basis, turning one American against another, misdirecting national energy into self-destruction, turning Americans into debtors and slaves. Others may delight in AIPAC or the Sharon government getting a bit of comeuppance. But far more wonderful would be to see AEI in the stocks.
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