Monday, August 01, 2005


The Culture of Lies: Guantanamo commissions fraudulent; John Dean hints Rehnquist a criminal

From Australian Broadcasting: "Leaked emails from two former prosecutors claim the military commissions set up to try detainees at Guantanamo Bay are rigged, fraudulent, and thin on evidence against the accused." Major Robert Preston to his supervisor: "I consider the insistence on pressing ahead with cases that would be marginal even if properly prepared to be a severe threat to the reputation of the military justice system and even a fraud on the American people," ..."Surely they don't expect that this fairly half-arsed effort is all that we have been able to put together after all this time." Maj Preston says he cannot continue to work on a process he considers morally, ethically and professionally intolerable. Captain John Carr, who also ended up leaving the department: "When I volunteered to assist with this process and was assigned to this office, I expected there would at least be a minimal effort to establish a fair process and diligently prepare cases against significant accused," he wrote. "Instead, I find a half-hearted and disorganised effort by a skeleton group of relatively inexperienced attorneys to prosecute fairly low-level accused in a process that appears to be rigged." ________________________________________________ From John Dean, we learn what Rehnquist avoided telling the Senate in his confirmation hearing: The New York Times obtained access to, and published, an index of the materials. The index covers seven broad topic areas: I - Laird v. Tatum, a ruling on military surveillance by the Supreme Court in which Rehnquist participated but later disqualified himself because he had testified for the government earlier; II - Reform of the Classification System and Investigation of Leaks; III - May Day [Demonstration] Arrests; IV - Kent State Killings; V - Judicial Nominations; VI - Wiretapping; and VII - Ellsberg Matter. Now, these are big, *big* topics. A reasonable bit of speculation is that Rehnquist, now Chief Justice, was perhaps involved in ordering or conspiring in the mass roundups and illegal detentions of protestors, violation of posse comitatus, provoking violence perhaps through committing an arson at Kent State, illegal wiretaps of political opponents of Richard Nixon including perhaps those that became known as "Watergate," and burglary. Otherwise, why withhold the information? From Dean's tone, we should expect to discover that a criminal was placed at the very head of the Justice system.We don't know this, of course, but considering that criminals seem to be everywhere at the top of American government, it's all too believable.
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