Monday, August 22, 2005


Free Fall

American Research Group has just released a new poll.

Bush job approval  Approve  Disapprove  Undecided  
July 2005            42%        52%         6% 
Aug 2005             36%        58%         6% 
Bush's approval rating has been dropping all this year, but only a point or two per month. Now we see a six-percent drop since right about the time Bush started his five-week vacation and made it clear that his own resting heart rate is more important to him than soldiers' lives. Coincidence? <on edit> It is a coincidence that Phoenix Woman and I posted the same info at almost the same time. I found out about the poll from a post in Salon's Table Talk discussion forum.
GMTA, MEC! ;-)
A technical word of caution: the MOE on polls is large enough that there may have been no drop in approval, or it may have been substantially smaller than six points. Also, abrupt drops in popularity often reverse, either due to new information or because the original spike was a blip.

But the trend is down, and the trend is biting awfully close to Rattlesnake Republican territory.

The only concern I have is that Bush will be made the scapegoat for what has been a failure by-- without exception-- the entire Republican Party and one-third of the Democratic Party (and, no, I don't advise ditching any Democrat except Lieberman and that twit from north Florida who wants to privatize Social Security). We have to face the fact that as a nation we have become comfortable with the idea that other people should suffer so that we can enjoy cheap oil, Chinese goods, and a limitless supply of nannies, busboys, drywallers, and maids from those fleeing the consequences of our policies in Latin America.
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