Sunday, August 28, 2005


Freeper Meltdown In Crawford!

Let's see: Peaceful, well-behaved Gold Star Mothers, war veterans and their friends camp out for a month to try to get Bush to talk to them. The only violence comes from Bush backers who oppose their presence, and consists of a few shotgun blasts and an idiot with a pickup truck who desecrates a memorial to the fallen in Iraq. Then raucous Bush supporters -- most of whom were brought in by the GOP front group Move America Forward -- show up, and all hell breaks loose in a hilarious sort of way: Note to Protest Warriors: Your ideological allies are too stupid to understand irony and too mean to care. Note to Kristinn Taylor: Your ideological allies are too stupid to understand public relations techniques and too bigoted to care. (Oh, and by the way: Yes, Kristinn is a guy.)

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