Saturday, August 27, 2005


The Gladiators

Richard McCartan has an excellent piece on mercenaries serving in Iraq Excerpts: * one rough estimate is that 60 to 80 companies, operating under DOD contract, have provided at least 25,000 armed soldiers to assist the U.S. military in Iraq. *pay their American employees $400 to $700 per day. Many of the soldiers hail from third-world countries (and are paid considerably less). * While no officials figure exists, about 160 to 200 of them are believed to have died fighting *the private security companies, while receiving boatloads of U.S. cash, operate independently; for example, the U.S. does not prescribe training standards or rules of engagement, or require background checks *the high pay scale for mercenaries' pay in Iraq has bred intense resentment within the low-paid military Anyone who knows their history knows that mercenaries are what failing empires use, because they can't get their own citizens to fight for causes that are innately wrong.
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