Monday, August 01, 2005


Guardian: London Bombing Suspect 'Has No International Terror Links'

Check it out:

The suspect arrested in Rome over the failed July 21 London bomb attacks has no wider links to large international terrorist groups, an Italian police chief said today. Carlo De Stefano, the head of the Italian anti-terrorist force, said Hussein Osman - also known as Hamdi Isaac - who was arrested last week had been part of an "ad hoc" group, and gave new details about how British police had traced him to Rome. Papers from Scotland Yard seeking the extradition of 27-year-old Osman are expected to arrive in Rome at some stage today.
Osman/Isaac apparently is saying that the bombs of July 21 were intended to frighten, not kill. He's also apparently saying that Iraq was the reason for the bombings:
Sonnessa said Hussain acknowledges his role in the failed attacks, but claims he only meant to scare people not kill them. He also claims the bombings were done in protest over the Iraq war.
The wingnuts are trying to deny that our invading Iraq -- with the help of the UK -- had anything to do with the bombings. Instead, they want to blame the UK for not evicting all brownskinned people from their shores.

"Osman/Isaac apparently is saying that the bombs of July 21 were intended to frighten, not kill." This could, however, be his way of saying, "Please give me a lower sentence."
Oh, exactly. But since only one of them went off -- and not in the most effective way -- he may well be telling the truth.
Did a whole segment on this today.

Islam has nothing to do with these attacks, regardless of what the Republikkkanischen say--it's imperialism.

Biggest hypocrites (as always)are the Bush Ad toadies that say "Islam is a religion of peace" while using their proxies to finger Muslims as "Islamofascists".

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