Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The Hackett Effect And The Blogosphere

In Ohio's reddest, most Republican district, one where previous Democratic candidates have been lucky to get 30% of the vote, Paul Hackett -- a guy who a month ago hardly anyone knew -- comes within a gnat's eyelash of taking the seat. Better yet, while Hackett lost a very close race, he brought in enough supporters to pass every single school levy on the ballot -- levies that the Republicans opposed tooth and nail, and which were repeatedly defeated in the past. From yesterday morning:

There are several other issues on the ballot today for Tri-state voters. In Hamilton County, Mt. Healthy voters have to decide on a road renewal. The Three Rivers School Levy is also back on the ballot. An earlier levy was defeated in november. In Warren County, the Franklin School levy is once again on the ballot. Voters have turned that levy down in seven previous elections. Also in Warren County's Harlan Towship, the fire levy is up for renewal. And in Butler County, voters will decide on the Edgewood School levy. Voters turned down a previous levy in May.
Guess what? Last night, every single one of these levies passed. They wouldn't have passed if we hadn't been getting out the vote for Hackett. So if any of you are still wondering "Was it worth it?", the clear answer is "You betcher ass it was!"

All I have to say to that is "a rising tide lifts all boats". Amen.
I think I'm going to cry. That's beautiful.
First thing I did this morning was look for the results of the Ohio race. I was feeling a bit whiny: "Yeah, it's a moral victory, but I wanted him to REALLY WIN." So thanks for the good news about the school levies.
We not only forced NRCC to cough up serious dough, we forced Jean Schmidt herself to plunk down $200K of her own cash.

There's more good news, too. As bkny points out over at Gilliard's shop, Hackett got lots of props today -- even from the paper that endorsed Schmidt. Hackett's now the automatic contender for the rematch next year for the seat, by which time his words on the war will resonate even more strongly.
14 more Marine casualties from Ohio this morning.

I wonder if some Schmidt voters are regretting their actions yesterday.


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