Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Hackett for OH-02 Again?

It's looking likely. Now, the prevailing wisdom among much of the lefty blogosphere is that Hackett should forego trying for the Second Congressional District and shoot for a statewide seat, as a) Ohio as a whole is far less right-wing than the Second, b) the Republicans won't be caught napping next year like they were this year, and c) we don't want Hackett to waste his new-found fame and juice by become the Second's version of Harold Stassen. Countering this are some other, equally-valid points: a) it costs a lot more to take a Senate seat than it does to take a House seat, b)he's still pretty inexperienced (though as a former city councilman, he's got more elective-office experience under his belt than Paul Wellstone did before HE became a Senator), and c) the Republicans are going to be out in force gunning for Hackett no matter which race he chooses. But I'm still wondering: How were we able to catch the Ohio GOP napping in the first place? Didn't they learn ANYTHING from watching Howard Dean's use of the netroots two years ago? Compelling candidate + dedicated netroots = the ability to raise tens of millions of dollars from small donors. Or is that they know full well about it -- but simply can't duplicate our netroots fundraising success? Goodness knows Jean Schmidt couldn't; she not only had to spend $200,000 of her own money, but she wound up hitting up the national party for over a million bucks, at last count.

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