Friday, August 19, 2005


Hollinger: The Fraud Goes Beyond Conrad Black

The news that a Chicago Sun-Times functionary and buddy of Connie Black's stands accused of siphoning tens of millions from the company should surprise absolutely no one who's been following the slow, elegant collapse of Lord Black of Crossharbour's house of cards. And it couldn't happen to a more deserving right-wing butthead. (Well, it could, but it's nice to see it happening to Black.) For more on David Radler's ties to, and importance to, Lord Black, click here. For more on Black himself, click here.

Thanks for this post, PW.

People think the battle is between left and right. But what's becoming ever more evident that the right is dominated by criminals.

Thank goodness for Republicans like Patrick Fitzgerald, determined to enforce the law despite political affiliation. Without those few, one would have to say that the Republican Party is simply a criminal organization.
And let us not forget that Richard Perle is up to his neck in this bad business, too.
Oh, exactly. (And the irony is that Perle is nominally a Democrat, though it's apparent that this is in name only.)

The right wing is not only dominated by criminals, it's dominated by sanctimoniously hypocritical criminals.

Jack Abramoff, DeLay's partner in crime, promoted himself as a hyper-Orthodox, hyper-pious Jew and yeshiva owner (well, at least until the yeshiva went belly-up after Abramoff's own financial house of cards collapsed). Tom DeLay himself is notorious for his embrace of the Southern Baptist wing of the religio-racist right. (I can't remember if noted Republican child molester and would-be United States Senator Philip Giordano was or is a professional Christian -- I thought he was, but all of the GOP web sites that once touted him have been pulled down.)
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