Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee

On August 11, Our Charles said:
Her district is not so very far from Crawford. She has signed onto the demand that the president address the Downing Street Memo, even mentioning Cindy Sheehan and using Sheehan's picture at the hearings that John Conyers held. Most tellingly, she occupies the district and claims the mantle of the legendary Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. She knows that her presence could help to prevent the president's bullyboys from pushing the protestors around. The one Democrat who absolutely, positively ought to be in Crawford with Cindy Sheehan, willing to go to jail with Sheehan if necessary, is The Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee.
Charles, you'll be happy to know that Ms. Lee heard the call.
Monday 22 August 2005 11:07 PM Camp Casey had a surprise guest tonight. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee gave a powerful speech from the stage. She announced that she is having a town meeting in Houston on Thursday. I spoke with her after the speech and she ended by saying she would see me in Washington on September 24th. I asked her if she was in support of Immediate withdrawal from Iraq and her response was "Absolutely, It was wrong to go in and it is wrong to stay."

Considering she was one of the signatories of the letter urging Bush to meet with Cindy, it doesn't surprise me that she was there with Cindy.
Great news!

I wish she had shown up while Cindy Sheehan was there, but I guess she is the first Congresswoman on the scene.

Barbara Jordan would be... prou.. well... mollified.
Actually, a number of Democratic politicians and candidates have visited Camp Casey, including Coleen Rowley and Becky Lourey from Minnesota. (Lourey, a State legislator, lost a son to Bush's invasion, just like Sheehan.)
I know, PW. But SJ-Lee is the first Congresswoman on the scene. As you have noted elsewhere, the Beltway Dems are cowardly beyond belief. They are afraid of being photographed with people holding signs saying "No blood for oil" or "Israel out of the West Bank."

Russ Feingold made a point of saying that he was showing his colleagues that it is safe to be against the war. But even he isn't in Crawford.
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