Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hugo Chavez Cracks Me Up Sometimes

Chavez' response to Mullah Robertson's fatwa? Why, to offer to sell Venezuelan gas at affordable prices to America's poorer classes. This is a brilliant slap in the face to Bush and his anti-Chavez plots. Which is why I doubt we'll see this on network TV. Hugo Chavez, I salute you.

People like Pat Robertson and George Bush are so totally out of touch with what it means to be poor. For them to attack Hugo Chavez who, for all his well-known faults, has tried to make those who endure the kind of grinding poverty endemic to Latin America feel that they are real people, with real futures... it's wrong.

Thank goodness that people like Chavez are starting to stand up to the Robertsons of this world. I only wish there were more Americans with moxie.
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