Thursday, August 04, 2005


John Roberts Gave Free Legal Aid To Gay-Rights Groups!

Dear Readers: If anyone is wondering why Drudge right now has a bogus story on Roberts and adoption (and with, surprise surprise, not a single actual named on-the-record source), it's because he wants to try to distract attention from this story: JOHN ROBERTS GAVE FREE LEGAL HELP TO A GAY-RIGHTS COALITION! Free, as in pro bono. (But I didn't use the term pro bono because the right-wingers reading this might confuse this with Cher's late ex-husband.) This is the sort of story that, for obvious reasons, the Republicans really don't want their base to see. Hence the made-up Drudge nonsense about The Evil NYT Picking On John Roberts' Kids. No, this doesn't mean we can expect to see Roberts and Laurence Tribe ever mentioned in the same breath. But I suspect that this sort of news will cause fear and loathing among the same folk that are even now attacking Bill Frist for being sensible on stem cells.

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