Sunday, August 07, 2005


Kenneth Blackwell, Guarding the Henhouse

The Toledo Blade reports on a "newly created nonprofit group" that is funneling money into a ballot initiative to amend the Ohio state constitution to restrict state spending. The concern of the report is that much of the money for the ballot campaign comes from secret sources. I agree, that's bad. But the report gives only passing mention to something arguably worse than that: the ballot initiative is "fronted by Secretary of State Ken Blackwell". I'll rephrase that for clarity: The ballot initiative is fronted by the Ohio elected official whose primary responsibility is to oversee voting in the state, including voting on ballot initiatives. This is the Kenneth Blackwell who did everything he could to rig the 2004 Presidential election in favor of George W. Bush, and who by coincidence was the state campaign chair for George W. Bush. Oh by the way, he's also running for governor. I hope the voters in Ohio have as big a problem as I have with the person who controls how the voting is conducted "fronting" for people and issues being voted on. I hope they have a big enough problem with it to counteract Kenneth Blackwell's stranges ideas of ethical conduct of his office.

I would think Ohioans would be even more concerned about a report by Bob Fitrakis on the Laura Flanders show that Blackwell has on his desk the central tabulator for all of Ohio. He can supposedly view and alter vote totals throughout the state.

Not to mention being the official who decides what voting machines a county can use and who can serve on a county's supposedly bipartisan election board.

This is unheard of power.
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