Wednesday, August 31, 2005


A Message from Howard Dean

I received an email message from the DNC this morning:

This week millions of Americans fled Hurricane Katrina. Across the South families abandoned their homes and businesses, not knowing what would be there when they returned. Many stayed behind and suffered devastating loss and injuries -- nearly a hundred have died that we know of, and hundreds of thousands need our help. America is at its best when we realize that we are one community -- that we're all in this together. That means that each one of us has the responsibility to do what we can to help the relief effort. The Red Cross is a great place to start: They are already moving people and resources into the region to help. Donations will provide clean water, food, and shelter for disaster victims. The Red Cross web site also has important information for victims and their relatives across the country. Many local Red Cross chapters are organizing volunteers to travel to affected areas -- doctors and nurses to provide medical care, workers to build shelters, first responders to assist in rescue operations. You can find your local chapter here to learn what you can do: We are still learning the full story of the devastation, but there is no time to wait. Please do something now. Thank you. Governor Howard Dean, M.D.
My informants who are on the RNC mailing list tell me they're still waiting for a comparable message from Ken Mehlman.
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