Saturday, August 20, 2005


Musical Political Correctness, WSJ Style

It's long been held -- or at least used to be held -- in the news world that while The Wall Street Journal's editorial staff is worthless, their newsroom and feature writing is pretty good. Which is why it's interesting to see that the WSJ sent notorious right-wing political culture enforcer Dave Shiflett to cover the nation's premier old-time music festival in Clifftop, Virginia -- and that he was so busy looking for ways to mock and chastise the Clifftoppers (including one who died at the event) for their failure to be sufficiently right-wing that he didn't bother to make sure he got his facts right. Other examples of Shiflett's politically-correct conservative blovatings can be found here, here, and here. His NRO bio is here.

Down in the comments somebody noted that Shiflett is a bit of an amateur musician himself, and certainly one whose tastes do not align with those who are keeping the old-time embers glowing.

After all the things that the Bush administration has done for old-timey musicians, you'd think that they'd be a little more grateful... NOT.

Shiflett's articale betrayed a cold-heartedness that old-timers do not wish to include in their music. He was also just plain wrong in several instances, as regards the nature of the music itself.

What a jerk.
My own personal favorite Shiflett error was when he referenced the tune "Nail That Catfish To A Tree". Sorry, Shiflett, but that's not an old traditional tune. It was written by a guy named Steve Rosen, who is very much alive and well.
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