Tuesday, August 16, 2005


PNACers Stick Together

Guess who's been visiting Judy "Mrs. Ahmad Chalabi" Miller in prison, even as Judy's husband-of-record, Jason Epstein, is out taking cruises on party ships? Hint: He's hot-tempered, arrogant, incompetent, and a PNAC member. (And we all know that Chalabi is PNAC's patron saint.) Give up? Why, John Bolton, of course. (Who apparently was/is one of Judy's main sources for her stories.) This just gets better and bette, doesn't it?

Maybe Bolton could just sleep over.

There could not be any clearer hint that the Administration is actively involved in obstruction of justice than a visit by a person like Bolton. When one holds official office, one has a duty to the office that transcends any ties of friendship or even kinship. For someone who may well be a target of an investigation to visit a person the government is trying to coerce into exposing who the target of an investigation should be looks like a violation of Ethics 101.
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