Sunday, August 07, 2005


A Rhetorical Question

This was engendered by the latest news concerning TreasonGate; specifically, it concerns the latest news on Judith Miller's role in it. I remember full well the utter contempt in which the Kool Kidz of the Corporate Media held (and to this day still hold) Sid Blumenthal because of his ties to the Clintons. Yet Judy Miller's ties to (and power within) the Bush Administration are, if anything, stronger. Sid Blumenthal never was allowed to command troop units in Kosova, but Judy Miller -- acting on behalf of her "good friend" and PNAC mascot Ahmad Chalabi, did just that in Iraq. My question is this: If Sid went to jail rather than burn a Clinton Adminstration source, would the same folks holding the pity party for Judy Miller Chalabi be as kind to Sid as they are to her?

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