Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Riverbend Gone Missing?

I was going to see what Riverbend over at Baghdad Burning thought of having her rights stripped away by Iraq's new "democratic" constitution. But she hasn't been posting since July 15. In addition to the content of her blog, the posting frequency is a good indication of how things are going in her chunk of Baghdad. When she started her blog two years ago, she often did a post every day. Now, for various reasons (chief among them being the growing inability to get reliable electricity), she goes for weeks without posting.

I hope for hersake that Riverbend will get the hell out of Iraq if she can. Things are going to get bad for her because of the Sharia law coming into force. Because the US doesn't care about women's rights over there if it means giving up our bases, which was the bottom line reason to go there. --Beel
There have been a few periods when she hasn't posted for weeks ... but this is too long. I emailed her, hoping that she and her family were not involved in the tragedy on that bridge ... but no response to date. If anyone has any news please let me know, paul.j.grant@bt.com
I've been concerned too. This is the only place I've found others who are worried about Riverbend. Any information would be appreciated.
Baghdad Burning was the only writing that gave me some idea of what life in Baghdad was like for the Iraqi people. Riverbend is so brave and pragmatic. It seems far too long since she last posted. It's now almost two and one half months since her last entry. If anyone discovers news of her I hope they will post it here.
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