Thursday, August 04, 2005


SCCTWH: Silly Conservative Chatterers Trick Timid Houseplants

Via Josh Marshal we learn that Ryan Lizza of TNR has cracked the code for anonymous SOURCES CLOSE TO THE WHITE HOUSE or SCCTWH. The first name to come rolling off the tongues of reporters when it comes to scttwh is Ed Gillespie. ...Gillespie is Washington's omnipresent GOP operative....ipping at Gillespie's heels for scttwh dominance are three Republican lobbyists: Charles Black, Ken Duberstein, and Vin Weber. Black... is credited with destroying the stigma once attached to public servants who shift back and forth between politics and lobbying, clearing the path for the Ed Gillespies of today....A small sample of reporters nominate Cornyn as a replacement [to Cong. Rob Portman, but]. ..."He was duped,"..."It's not the leadership. It's not Hastert and DeLay," says a longtime White House reporter. "And Frist and his staff are ... more taking orders."...two former Bush campaign operatives: strategist Matthew Dowd and ad-maker Mark McKinnon...Mary Matalin...Stuart Stevens...former press aide Adam Levine, onetime Bush campaign spokesman Terry Holt, and former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer." Silly conservative chatterers who trick timid houseplants in the press into giving out the scoop Edith Brown Clements is the next Supreme Court nominee and other disinformation.
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