Saturday, August 06, 2005


Second choice was Camden

Sometimes one reads something that makes one's jaw drop. The US is establishing a significant force in Paraguay to control Bolivia, because it has significant gas reserves. Paraguay is centrally located in South America, so it could be used to project force against almost any nation on the continent. The slight downside is that it could become very difficult to re-supply troops if we actually did use force against any South American nation. The US military absolutely denies that it is establishing a base in Paraguay. Given their recent record, that means they definitely are. The only "threat" to Bolivian gas is the threat of the rightful owners charging US nationals a fair price for it. There aren't enough troops in Iraq, so we are occupying other countries. And of course the Iraq venture is going so well that we can expect Bolivians to strew roses in our path. Does your head hurt by now?
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