Monday, August 01, 2005


So Much For Uzbekikitty's Being Our Buddy

Hat tip to Steve Gilliard for pointing this out. Despite the Bush Junta's sucking up to him (and looking the other way as he boils people alive), it seems that Uzbekistan's leader, Islam Karimov, is kicking our troops out of his country. And as Gilliard commenter Greco says:

Americans can reach Afganistan through central asia or through Pakistan. Iranian and Chinese and Turkmenistan's territory is...not available. If you can't cross Uzbekistan, you have only Kyrgistan. And the new government of Kyrgistan just said that Americans will have to go in the future. Note please a little known fact: Kyrgistan uses natural gas from Uzbekistan. A favourite form of blackmailing for Karimov is cutting the energy flow to Kyrgistan. So there is a dinstict possiblity that the american forces could reach Afganistan only through Pakistan. That is called a diplomatic, geopolitical and logistical nightmare.
This of course doesn't take into account the whole blood-dripping irony that BushCo used truly evil thugs to help topple a merely moderately evil thug who was the only thing standing between Iraq and mullah-led catastrophic civil war that disrupts the world's energy supply. I suspect that if BushCo hadn't invaded Iraq, we wouldn't be having this discussion, because we would have used the force levels we sent to Iraq to take out Al-Qaeda at Tora Bora back in 2001, and we'd be well into a serious and workable Afghan reconstruction program by now, one that the rest of the world would eagerly support. Oh, and why is having to depend on Pakistan so scary? This is one reason why.

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