Sunday, August 07, 2005


SS Privatization: Try, Try Again

Just when you thought that Bush and the Republicans had given up on their plans to destroy Social Security, this comes up:

When Congress returns from its recess in September, watch out. Social Security privatization is going to come up fast, with the House Ways and Means Committee taking up a bill (H.R. 3304) by Rep. Jim McCrery (R-La.). Privatization fans are trying to pass it off as a new idea to stop Congress from raiding Social Security. But in reality, the McCrery bill is the first step toward President Bush’s plan to privatize and ruin Social Security. It’s privatization with a new coat of paint—but we can see through it. Please send the following message to urge your members of Congress to reject H.R. 3304 and Social Security privatization in ANY form. Tell me more Subject: Oppose H.R. 3304 and Any Form of Social Security Privatization Dear [ Decision Maker ], I strongly urge you to oppose Social Security privatization in any form it may take--including Rep. Jim McCrery's H.R. 3304. There is nothing new in H.R. 3304. It will not save Social Security from congressional raids, as proponents claim--you and your colleagues don't need a special law to do that. But H.R. 3304 is the first step toward privatizing Social Security and its effects are the same. The bill would create private accounts, cut guaranteed benefits and increase the national debt--while doing nothing to stop raids on the Social Security surplus or to keep Social Security solvent. Working families rely on Social Security's guaranteed benefits. And we rely on you to protect them. The 70th anniversary of Social Security is Aug. 14. I hope I can count on you to strengthen Social Security for the next 70 years rather than ruining it with privatization. This is an extremely important issue to me and to millions of America's workers. I urge you to take our side and oppose H.R. 3304 and any form Social Security privatization may take. Sincerely, [Your name] [Your address]
You all know what to do.

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