Tuesday, August 09, 2005


They Have No Shame, Part 3453247985

The BradBlog and Roger Ailes (the ironically-named blogger, not the RNC chair who ran NBC News and now runs FOX News) document the GOP's cynical attempt to create a fake "voter rights" group, complete with fake "Democrat" Brian Lunde as spokesman:

Ailes finds, amongst other things, that Brian Lunde, the "Democrat" in question, whose phony quotes were used in all six press releases (same quote each time with just one or two words changed, Pentagon-style) is actually a Bush 2004 supporter, and so is his wife.

In addition to thousands of dollars given to Bush by the couple in 2004, Lunde is also a member of the Zell Miller-founded "Democrats for Bush" and a funder of the G.O.P. political action committee "Freshman PAC" whose goal, Ailes points out, is to "Maintain a Republican Majority." Ailes aptly adds: "That's the dream of all true Democrats, don'tcha know?"
What's really amusing is how easily this fake group, which right-wing bloggers have been pimping like crazy, was debunked. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

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