Wednesday, August 31, 2005


This Didn't Have To Happen

Steve Gilliard is right: This is worse than 9/11. New York City was able to function, and function well, after 9/11. But New Orleans, Biloxi, and several other Gulf Coast cities no longer exist in any real sense of the word. The only reason reported death tolls aren't yet in the thousands is simply because the medics and rescue personnel are too busy trying to save the living to count all the bodies that have been floating past them in the floodwaters. With most of the National Guard in Iraq, there's a severe lack of people trained to deal with catastrophes like this. Efforts to sandbag the breached levees in New Orleans were fatally hampered by the lack of manpower -- and by Bush's inexplicable, maddening refusal to send in proper help. Oh, and could someone please tell Michelle Malkin that this is definitely one case where a government that wasn't starved to the point of helplessness could actually do a lot more good on the ground than any of her favorite hate-objects?

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