Wednesday, August 24, 2005


This Would Have Been Even Better If It Was On The Editorial Page...

...but I'll take it anyway.

Digby had a thread going the other day about how sports people seem to have more integrity than other journalists. (The context was Bob Costas refusing to sub for Larry King because the subject was going to be Missing White Women.)

Clearly we're seeing a trend!
More people might see it on the Sports page than on the editorial page.
MEC: True.

phd9: Makes senses. We've got Keith Olbermann kicking ass, taking names (and naming names) over at MSNBC, and getting boffo ratings while doing it. We've also got Gene Lyons, of Lyons-Conason fame, who started out as a sportswriter.

And of course, there was The Good Doctor himself, Hunter Stockton Thompson.
Nice Alex-tar, by the way, MEC. ;-)
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