Sunday, August 21, 2005


Vietnam on Steroids

Let's see if we can exercise our "reading between the lines" skills here: Army Planning for Four More Years in Iraq English Translation: Army Praying for a Democrat to Enter the Oval Office in 2009. This comes right on the heels of a NYT article wherein several Republican officeholders and political operatives 'fess up to worrying about the Iraq debacle's dragging down the GOP in 2006 and 2008. The announcement of Four More Years In Iraq isn't going to calm these folks' nerves any.

I don't think the Pubbies are in much danger. Not yet, anyway. There are three things that hold their grubby little coalition together: Money, white supremacist nationalism, and hypocrisy, most notably of the religious variety. It's only when they can't deliver those things that the coalition weakens.

The kind of events that would lead to a sustained Republican rout would be:
1. a deep recession whose end is nowhere in sight.
2. a major defeat of American arms at the hands of "the lesser breeds"
3. incontrovertible proof regarding George Bush's current drug consumption, past National Guard desertion and current coverup, exposure of a covert agent, or the theft of the election(s).

Periods of Republican rule usually end when their fiscal policies implode, as with Hoover and Bush the Smarter. Nixon's disgrace was so total that it brought to an end a period of joint Republican-Dixiecrat rule. Of course, that only works if there's a Democrat capable of leading.

If Jimmy Carter had been a little more flexible on western water projects and a little bit less reliant on faith in keeping embassy staff in harm's way, if he had had a clearer vision of where he wanted to lead the country, the last decades might have unfolded very differently.
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