Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well, no, Mr. Milbank. But you win an Ugly American Award.

Since Atrios only gives one Wanker of the Day Award, we need to establish another award just for the "liberal media". Call it the Ugly American Award: [Dana] MILBANK: Well, I think you have to look at Cindy Sheehan this way. She could go one of two ways. Is she Rosa Parks or is she Lyndon LaRouche, who's just sort of a perpetual crazy? Or perhaps I'll now get sued for calling Lyndon LaRouche a crazy. You know, brave heroine or thug and convicted criminal. It's hard to tell the difference between the two if you're a member of the DC media. How low will they go? No, lower.
And again, if this were 1998 and she were camped by Clinton's boyhood home in Arkansas, would Dana Milbank and the rest of the GOP/Media Axis be treating her like a loonytune?

I swear, they go harder on her than they do on Eric Rudolph.
For some reason, there is a hypersensitivity among some American Jews about talking-- just talking-- about Israel. CIA analyst Ray McGovern sent the Post into hysterics with his comment that the Iraq invasion was over O.I.L. (oil, Israel, and location). It was extraordinary. They attacked John Conyers personally and ridiculed the Downing Street hearing-- losing plenty of credibility in the process. And Dana Milbank was, if I recall, the byline under which the screams came forth.

McGovern didn't say or even imply that defending Israel was bad. I'm sure he is in favor of keeping the alliance with Israel.

I do not understand what drives this fear-- and it is clearly fear when such excesses are employed-- of allowing any discussion of Israel. I do know that the more excesses are employed, the fewer friends Israel will have among its traditional supporters in the US.

Even many American Jews are getting tired of being browbeaten in this way.

As anyone can learn by reading The Forward. Natan Scharansky had a good article on what amounts to anti-Semitism and what is not.
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