Friday, August 26, 2005


Why Chavez Scares Bush (And Conservatives Everywhere)

This excellent Guardian piece lays it all out. Short version: Chavez frightens the élite precisely because, friendship with Castro aside, he can't be dismissed as a wild-eyed ultralefty. Capitalism flourishes side-by-side with his "Bolivarian" efforts at aiding the poor.


I really dont know. They are soooo similar, they should be good pals instead.

Both are oil plutocrats, both think of themselves as on a god-driven mission, both hate the "arrogant liberals", both hate the media, both have a total disrespect for international law, and both have succeded on divising their countries "aither with me or against me".
Got cites for your smears, Annie? C'mon, cough 'em up! You're so brave. (Not.)
Yes, PW. Drive-by posters would at least pass the laugh test if they would refrain from making unsustainable, unlinked, broad-brush allegations.

Chavez is an "oil plutocrat"?

So... what company does he own?

Chavez has a "total disrespect for international law"?

Like... what countries has he invaded lately?

Taking the time for a spell check also helps persuade the reader that one isn't posting while impaired. Or worse, not impaired but posting really, really silly things.
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