Thursday, August 25, 2005


Why Close Walter Reed?

Atrios poses that question. Other folks in the comments thread have tried to answer it. But really, folks, when asking questions like that, you can't ever assume that the Bushies make decisions like this for purely practical reasons, either for keeping or closing it. This is BushCo we're talking about -- EVERYTHING has a political calculation behind it. So, to return to the question, "Why are they closing Walter Reed?" Simple. It's so Ellsworth Air Force Base can stay open, and Thune doesn't look like a total ass -- only a partial one. (Remember, he eked out a win over Daschle last year by promising to protect Ellsworth from harm.) There you go.

On his show today, Ed Schultz was making much of the fact that John Thune shared the credit with Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Representative Stephanie Herseth (D-SD). I wonder why Thune bothered to do that. I'm sure it didn't please his GOP masters that he went all bipartisan on them.
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