Sunday, August 07, 2005


Why They Hate Us, Reason #27977897

Because some of our troops are running protection rackets:

US Troops Demanded 'Rent' From Iraqi Vendors California Army National Guard troops charged unauthorized, off-the-books "rent" to Iraqi-owned businesses inside Baghdad's Green Zone in Iraq to raise money for a "soldier's fund," military officials and sources within the troops' battalion said Friday.
Don't expect to see this on the evening news; it's not part of the Approved Script that the Bush Junta wants recited. And of course if we actually paid our troops well in the first place, this sort of thing would be less likely to occur. But this is emblematic of the reason Bush and his PNAC Platoon wanted to invade in the first place. Profits for Bush-and-Cheney-connected companies and industries are soaring thanks to the invasion and occupation.

While I'd like to see soldiers better paid-- and even more so, better equipped-- I get the sense this was done more to put the Iraqis in their place, to extort from them the gratitude they don't feel.

By the way, you might be interested in a post I made on this general topic.
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