Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Wise words award: "Where are they?"

Ed Schultz interviewed a lady named Mona, who is down in Crawford "for the long haul," meaning as long as Cindy Sheehan is there to protest George Bush and the Iraq war. To paraphrase the conversation: "What do you say to the righties who claim that Cindy is a pawn of the left?" Schultz asked. Mona was nonplussed. "Where are the leaders of the left?" she asked. "They aren't down here with us. I am here with Cindy because she lost her son. She's speaking out for all of us." Where are the leaders of the left? Where are the leaders of any kind? Consult your mirror. Speaking of wise words, Teresa Whitehurst captured something important with these: But for mothers – even those who've tried valiantly to believe the president when he exclaims that the war on Iraq is a "noble cause" – there IS no big picture. For mothers of slain soldiers, there are only little pictures: their lost child smiling at 10 months in his high chair; riding his first bike without training wheels; opening Christmas presents (Hot Wheels, Transformers, or GI Joe); and making silly faces for the camera. I just wish more potential recruits and their families would think of the little pictures before being seduced by grand visions of the big one. Sadly, Barnum's Doctrine seems to be alive and well: Whitman called July a "pretty good month" for active-duty recruiting ... For July, the Army recruited 8,085 new soldiers, 109 percent of its goal of 7,450.
"If it is to be, then it is up to me."

That's not just a cute phrase. It's what will save us.
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