Friday, August 05, 2005


World Net Daily sued for defamation

One of the best sites on the web for news on the right is Terry Krepel's ConWebWatch. He reports that according to World Net Daily, it is being sued for $165 million for defamation by a friend of Al Gore, a guy by the name of Clark Jones. Apparently in retaliation, WND's Joseph Farah has taken to referring to Al Gore's Current network as "Algorezeera," claiming that Jones is operating under orders from Gore to exact retribution for having ruined Gore's chances in Tennessee. If Mercury Rising has any readers in the vicinity of Hardin County Tennessee, I would join ConWebWatch on asking that any accessible court papers be made public. $165 million is a lot of defamation. Since the amounts requested in lawsuits have to be at least minimally substantiated, and since lawsuits are expensive and unpleasant for the plaintiff as well as for the defendant, few lawsuits make it past the laugh test. If this is serious, and it seems to be, it sounds like Mr. Farah could be walking out of WND in his underwear in the foreseeable future.
Heh! I hope Mr. Jones nails the creep. It might actually put a small dent in the slander machine. Especially if we publicize it.
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