Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Would you trade your mind for $24,000 per year? What if they stopped paying after it was gone?

That's what's happening to vets. Sad to say, a 100% disabled vet suffering overwhelming PTSD would do better at a $12.50/hour job than from the VA. That's what $2,000 a month works out to But what's really shocking is that 72,000 vets face a cutoff of even that.. The report expresses concern that the number of veterans receiving payments for PTSD is growing rapidly, from approximately 120,000 cases in 1999 to 216,000 in 2004. PTSD benefit payments, it notes, have soared from $1.7 billion in 1999 to $4.3 billion in 2004. It also raises the specter that some veterans might be engaging in fraud... Has anyone considered the possibility that one of the stressors provoking PTSD may be the very logical fear of being stabbed in the back by the Bush Administration?
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