Friday, September 02, 2005


And The Funky Shall Inherit The Earth -- Or At Least The High Ground

AmericaBlog (via Atrios) discusses the whacked-out folk over at the amusingly-misnamed "American Family Association" and how they are throwing themselves into ecstasies over the idea that Hurricane Katrina wiped out all the gays, witches, Goths, jazz musicians, and other folk that the AFA doesn't like. But there's a small problem: The head of the AFA is flat wrong when he states that all of New Orleans' gays and Wiccans were wiped out by the hurricane. Think about it: Where is the nexus of all that is funky in New Orleans? The French Quarter. What is the one part of town that isn't underwater right now? The French Quarter. So God spared the gays and witches and Goths! (Oh my!)

And who was it that the Saviour hung out with? Why indeed, yes it was prostitutes and other outcasts with whom the Saviour chose to associate.

Not the so-called religious ones. The hypocrites.


Caps-lock, anyone?
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