Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Bayou Thunder

Music by Chris Floyd: Let's be clear about one thing. Nothing that has happened in the past week... will change the Bush Administration or American politics at all. Not one whit.... One proof of this can be found in the first polls coming out after the disaster, which show that around 45 percent of the American people approve of Bush's handling of the relief effort. It seems inconceivable that any sentient being could witness the agonizing results of the Bush team's dithering, dilatory response -- an agony played out in the full glare of non-stop media coverage -- and not come away with a sense of towering anger at this criminal incompetence. But it's obvious that nearly half the American people have now left the "reality-based community" altogether; they see only what they want to see, a world bathed in the hazy, golden nimbus of the Leader. The fact -- the undeniable truth -- that behind this carefully-concocted mirage lies nothing more than a steaming pile of rancid, rotting offal means nothing to these true believers. The Lie is better, the Lie is more comforting, the Lie lets them keep feeding on the suffering of others without guilt or shame. I think Floyd is wrong about one thing. People who thought they could stay on the fence, people who thought they could make that deal with devil and repent later--these people are starting to come off the fence. The Shep Smiths. This is not difficult to understand: each of us is either part of the Lie or a part of what stands against it. Imperfect we are, of course, but not willing to stay silent as half a million or more people are permanently displaced, as thousands or more die. Imperfect we are, but not vampires.
The other thing: The polls started dropping the second people realized Bush was full of crap on this. If he'd bothered to admit error, they would have cut him some slack. But he instead continues to spew bullshit.
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