Monday, September 26, 2005


Bob Woodward Misses the Point (Again)

From the Akron Beacon Journal:

Woodward also touched on the criticism of Bush for his handling of Hurricane Katrina. Like Iraq, he said, Bush's response to the hurricane was a failure of intelligence. "No one told him in a forceful way, 'You need to get moving on this,' " he said. "If Katrina had hit Texas, I know people who have a phone relationship with Bush who would have said, 'George, get your (butt) down here.' There was no one in Louisiana who could get through to him to say, 'Get your (butt) down here.' "
You'd think it would have occurred to a veteran reporter who's covered the White House since the Nixon Administration that the [expletive deleted] President of the United States shouldn't need to be told to get his butt in gear when a Category 4 hurricane is on its way to destroying most of the Gulf Coast. That Bush strummed while Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana drowned was not a failure of intelligence. It was a failure of leadership.
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