Thursday, September 08, 2005


A Bold Prediction

One of these Fridays -- perhaps even tomorrow -- Judy Miller will quietly cut a deal with Patrick Fitzgerald. Why? First of all, as Arianna Huffington explains, Judy and/or her legal team are already talking with Fitz's people -- after weeks of not budging from their initial no-deal stance:

So what changed? According to the source, "the Times has been receiving additional legal advice very different from what Floyd Abrams has been peddling. Something a lot more realistic."
Translation: Fitz is able to show that he can and will press criminal contempt charges against her -- and her protectors at the Times (yeah, Pinch Sulzberger, I'm looking at you) have finally realized that she's going to be doing serious, Susan-McDougal-style time unless they cut the crap. So, now that they realize that Judy's going to have to sing, they have to pick a time when the rest of the press corps is distracted. Fridays, especially Friday afternoons, are good times because the US press corps generally switches off their brains sometime around two o'clock p.m. Eastern Time. And with the fallout from BushCo's criminally bad handling of Hurricane Katrina getting more potent every day, this coming Friday -- that is, tomorrow -- would be perfect for seeing the story buried on Page A15, or at the very least kept below the fold on the front page. Remember: If Judy Miller cuts a deal tomorrow, you heard it here first.

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